• Tower Inferno – Hundreds forced to evacuate: South Korea

  • Czech Republic – High Rise Fire Kills 11

  • Fitzroy North Fire Tragedy

  • Bundaberg – Fire Backpackers Hostel

  • Apartment fire displaces 16 residents

  • A Lithium-ion battery charger starts unit fire

  • Improperly discarded smoking materials caused apartment fire

  • Smoking linked to Chelmsford mobile home fire

  • Woman dies in apartment fire

  • Early morning fire evacuation

  • Owner of Northern Quarter tower block hit by two fires in as many years explains why alarms didn’t sound until everyone was outside

  • Firefighters contain apartment building blaze in 14 minutes

  • Apartment fire leaves residents displaced

  • Arsonists torch bins next to gas pipe lines near unit complex

  • Firefighters from multiple stations battle two of early morning 2-alarm fires

  • Residents jump from burning building

  • Fire sparks building collapse

  • Tragedy as two die in upstairs Lafayette apartment from early morning house fire

  • London apartment fire

  • Glenelg North, Adelaide

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Manage information at the touch of a button

Strata Managers are able to communicate with tenants simply and quickly. Send a message to everyone in a building or simply select one company or person. It is that easy! Code Red Messaging provides Strata and Facility Managers with flexible communications, quickly and effectively. Add to this access by local Emergency Services to critical building maps and this helps ensure every minute counts to save lives.

Code Red Messaging

  • safety escort

    One message to all

    Strata Managers are able to communicate with residential or commercial tenants simply and quickly. Communicate with one person or 1000 instantly with one message!  When integrated with the local Emergency Services communications platform, Emergency Services can issue emergency messages to all occupants of the building. This is crucial as every minute counts to save lives.

  • safety escort

    Protecting the most vulnerable

    For tenants and residents with a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (P.E.E.P.) their location is logged on the database. This means in the event of an emergency, Emergency Services can quickly identify their location and organise assistance as a priority.

  • safety escort

    Secure Data

    Your confidential data is secure and held on Australian servers. You can update your data in real time using a simple upload process. Your data will never be sold to third parties.

Four Stages of Emergency Planning

  1. Mitigation

    Efforts to reduce the effects or risks associated with hazards.

  2. Preparedness

    Actions taken prior to an emergency to facilitate response and promote readiness.

  3. Response

    Actions taken during an emergency to save lives, property and the environment.

  4. Recovery

    Actions taken during an emergency to restore and resume normal operations. Continues long after the emergency services have left.

Core and additional benefits

  • Direct communications platform to inform tenant, residents and owners alike of ongoing building works, service outages ie lift maintenance and repairs, car park security.
  • One-way only messaging enabled to ensure important messages get through!
  • Fully auditable to assist with compliance requirements. Generate reports quickly.
  • Circulate action items from meetings.
  • Send out safety reminders prior to winter heaters/clothes, fire hazards etc.
  • Use the ‘whole-building’ SMS facility or just an individual floor. This is so much more effective than a sign in a corridor and gives Strata or Facility Managers the flexibility to send specific messages to target audiences.
  • For mobility challenged tenants and residents, Code Red Messaging enables Emergency Services go directly to their residence or work location. NO OTHER system can do that.

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Code Red Messaging app is the powerful, effective and affordable way to help you manage the people you are responsible for in an emergency. Get in touch today to find out more.